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Press Success:

From zero to hero

Weleda has been a customer of Amaze Communication since the bureau was started in January 2015. But the collaboration between the organic beauty brand and the founder of Amaze Communication, Maiken Lonka, began back in 2013 when Maiken was working as a consultant in a different bureau. Then, Weleda was largely unrepresented in the press and unknown among influencers. Sales were also quite modest in the Danish market, and part of the brand’s plan to change this involved a PR partnership to increase their presence in the media and attract consumers to the natural skin care products.


PR and SoMe combined with influencer partnerships

Weleda is a brand with a rich history which we decided must be told in order to win over the Danes. Through story telling about the entire philosophy of the brand, which involves anthroposophical medicine and a holistic approach to beauty, Weleda was rediscovered first by the press and since by the Danish consumers. Also, a focus on new launches and new angles on existing products were to pave the way forward.

For the first few years we made a traditional PR-effort, sending out press kits and introducing journalists and influencers to the brand at meetings. Since, we have expanded collaboration to include paid influencer partnerships, inspiring press trips and social media marketing, which is still handled here at Amaze Communication today.

Increased growth of 95.5%

From 2013-2017, Weleda experienced an increase in sales of 95.5%, and they ascribe a large part of this result to our efforts in PR, influencer partnerships and social media. From 2016-2017, the company had a 156% increase in sales of their hero product, Skin Food, which we have had a particular focus on that year. Weleda export manager Elizabeth Duck said in January 2018: ” We could have never done it without all of your hard work too!” and has previously commented on our social media efforts:

…We are thrilled when Maiken and her team immersed themselves into the multi-faceted topics of social media management and expertly assumed responsibility for our SoMe activities… Their work is flexible, reliable and of the utmost quality… their ability to remain informed about latest trends and offer us new options and pathways to engage and capture new followers. Best of all, we know they understand our brand and present it impeccably.

Elizabeth Duck, Export Manager, Weleda