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Our digital department works with innovative concepts creating brand awareness, strong PR and consumer relations. We build online communities, attract followers, create content, spot trends and build relationships between people and brands in new ways.

We work strategically with many types of tasks within Social Media and Influencer Marketing, focusing on both technical and creative methods. We create quality content in the form of video, images and well-written texts and use data to target our clients’ messages.


Being active on Social Media platforms can create great value in the form of increased visibility, customer loyalty and sales. However, it demands a great deal of effort and knowhow to be effective in Social Media Marketing.

We are a strong partner in handling your Social Media as we are experts in communicating about Lifestyle brands, we have a deep understanding of your brand and products and we know the rules of engagement in social media.

We can handle every part of your social presence. See some examples of services we provide:


We plan and produce share-worthy and engaging content and make sure it is published at the right time, to the right audience, at the right platform. Also we act customer care service at your social platforms so your followers receive a qualified and prompt response to all queries.

In order to be successful on social media, it is required to spend money on advertising. However, it is still effective and relatively inexpensive advertising media, and we will advise you on how to get the best return on investment for your budget through segmented advertising.


We develop ideas for social media campaigns that matches your overall marketing strategy and clarify how they can work across different platforms. We also identify stakeholders who can potentially become active participants in the campaigns and thereby create increased success in terms of engagement, reach and image building. We can carry out the campaign on your social media or simply create a creative proposal for you to implement.

Content Creation

We create content for all types of social media. Whether in the form of images, video or text, our SoMe team can deliver creative content of a high standard. We can also work out your content plan or advise you on how to make it yourself.


SoMe Consultancy

Maybe you have an in-house social media manager and would benefit from teaming up with a consultant for strategic advice. We will advise you on how you can achieve great results from your presence on social media and create a strategy with you that will form the foundation for our work with your social platforms.


It is getting harder and harder to get free publicity with major Influencers, as they have become aware of the value they hold as a “brand”. Social Media with unique content and a large audience is very valuable today, and advertising products on Instagram, blogs and Youtube has become a livelihood for many Influencers.

This makes considerable demands on traditional PR to get through the eye of a needle and be featured by the in-demand Influencers, and an increasing number of companies do this through paid collaborations.

Consulting & campaign development

We help businesses find the right match between brand and Influencer so they reach the right audience and their product is portrayed in accordance with the brand’s image and values. We provide numbers for reach, engagement and unique visitors, and we validate our data using the market’s latest technological tools.

We prepare proposals for the content of the campaign, negotiate payment and brief the influencer on their task.

Contact us for more information about influencer partnerships.

documentation of results

We are extremely result-oriented and want to give our customers insight into what they get out of our collaboration. We therefore naturally provide reports on Social Media jobs and influencer partnerships. We present data demonstrating the effect of the efforts in terms of selected parameters and write a summary of the results.