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Great brand PR creates awareness and is part of building a brand’s image and it will ultimately increase sales.

Brand PR consists of a series of actions, which in addition to the necessary skills within communication, also requires strong press relations, excellent timing and project management. We can manage all your PR tasks or help you make an effective PR strategy that can be implemented in-house at your company.


A great deal of effort is required to build and maintain press relations. We have a large network of Influencers, editors and journalists and we have built up these valuable relations over time.
Besides these strong connections, the synergy of our portfolio gives us the power to break through to the media. We offer a whole plethora of Lifestyle brands and that is indeed inspiring and convenient for journalists and Influencers.


We work with press and Influencers every day to ensure our clients’ brands are top-of-mind. We send new products and press releases to selected media as well as upon request. We aim to inspire through mailings or personal contact and we propose ideas for editorial content such as interviews, exclusive imagery and guides.


Teaming up with us doesn’t have to be an ongoing collaboration. If you have the resources and skills to handle your PR in-house, we can gladly provide consultancy as a supplement to your own PR set-up whenever needed.

We can help you develop a strong PR strategy, typically related to an overall marketing plan. We look at long-term strategy whilst always maintaining focus on the short-term; what should be prioritised right now to achieve success.


We conceptualise, plan and execute PR events for the press and Influencers. We combine creativity with expert knowledge and inspirational content for a memorable experience. Whether you like a state of the art venue, a small intimate place or prefer the event to take place at your premises, we can arrange that. Press trips are also a service we provide and participate in.


Our showroom displays all the brands we work with on a regular basis. This allows all the brands to be highly visible to editors, journalists and Influencers who visit us for inspiration and this gives us a good base for pushing each brand.

Our beautiful showroom is situated in the centre of Copenhagen close to Nørreport and Strøget.


Amaze Communication provides a true virtual showroom with the latest technology in media bank systems. With a large gallery display of pack shots and photos, your brand will look its absolute best. Our media bank also facilitates videos and documents in multiple formats. Searching for particular images by multiple categories and filters is made easy for the press and Influencers.


We compose press material, from catchy 1-pagers to extensive press kits, which influence stakeholders by creating new perspectives that inspire, change perception, tell your story and ultimately amplify your image. We provide lay-out and press releases in special formats in cooperation with our subcontractors.


We are data and result driven. Therefore, our regular clients receive press clippings on a weekly basis as well as a monthly overview and valuation of PR results.