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In 2020, Amaze Communication facilitated a year-long collaboration between Matas and the two leading Lifestyle influencers Emily Salomon and Cathrine Widunok Wichmand.

The overall purpose for this ambassador collab was to strenghten the brand positioning and create awareness about the new generation of Matas Striber. The right match between brand and influencers, quality content and engagement was of great importance to Matas.

It was a two-pronged strategy; we used both the profiles’ social media platforms to recommend products, including their blogs for sharing more in-depth posts. In addition, the influencers participated in MATAS LIVE broadcasts on and in ‘challenge videos’, which were shared on both Emily and Cathrine’s profiles as well as on Matas’ own media.



Here are some highlights from the first of five Matas Campaigns in 2020. The KPIs set for this Campaign were in avg. +32% over benchmark compared to other beauty campaigns run by the two influencers.

Emily Salomon had an Engagement Rate of 4,86 on Instagram Posts. That is 96% higher than the KPI set for this datapoint (the average Influencer within this segment has an Engagement Rate of 3% and this is including non-sponsored content which tends to rate higher). Emily’s swipe up performance on Instagram Stories performed 78% higher than expected.

Also, we could highlight that Cathrine Widunok Wichmand had 150% more clicks on Instagram Stories than the KPI – meaning people interacted with the content by clicking on # or @.