Social Media

Being active on Social Media platforms can create great value in the form of increased visibility, consumer loyalty and sales. However, it demands a great deal of effort and knowhow to be effective in Social Media Marketing.
We have a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and a great experience working with brands and products within Beauty and Health. This in combination with our knowledge about the rules of engagement in Social Media makes us a strong partner in handling your Social Media.


We will advise you on how you can achieve great results from your presence on Social Media and create a strategy with you that will form the foundation for handling your Social platforms.

Community Management

We plan and produce share-worthy and engaging content for social platforms and in multiple formats. We make sure the content is published at the right time and on the best suitable Social Media platform.

Advertising on Facebook & Instagram

Facebook and Instagram have evolved into ad platforms; in order to be successful on these media, it is now required to use its possibilities as paid media. However, it is still an effective and relatively inexpensive advertising medium, and we will advise you on how to get the best return on investment for your budget through segmented advertising. We handle several Social Media platforms today for our clients and we’ll be happy to help you too.


We develop ideas for Social Media campaigns and clarify how they can work across different platforms. We also identify stakeholders who can potentially become social influencers in the campaigns and thereby create increased engagement. We also offer to fully implement the campaigns for you.